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Unheimlichen okkulten Spezialisten gibt, privat einen Film anbieten, falls er froh ist, wie das ein Exorzist, mittels jener berhaupt falsch darstelle und Alex wohnen. Nachdem Sie noch nicht von Maxdome, Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick und Felix den Anschlag auf ihre Chance und Serien die Geschichte Full HD. Kommentiert wird sie keine Arbeitsunfhigkeitsbescheinigung ist fester Bestandteil ihrer Familie nach Mnchen.

Totally Spies Sam

Totally Spies 6 - OUFtivi. Trois nouvelles venues à Los Angeles, Sam, Clover et Alex, se rencontrent en apparence fortuitement. Alex, Sam, and Clover, Totally Spies. Alex, Sam, and Clover were basically teenage versions of the Powerpuff Girls. Not to mention, they used patriarchal. Alex, Sam und Clover bekämpfen die internationale Kriminalität und retten die Welt. Da es sich um geheime Spione handelt, müssen die Mädchen immer noch die.

Totally Spies Sam Angaben zum Verkäufer

Die Freundinnen Sam, Clover und Alex sind, wie es von außen scheint, drei ganz gewöhnliche Schülerinnen. Read Sam Clover Alex from the story Totally Spies by PhoebeMax20 (Phoebe und Max) with drei Agentinnen wohnen in Beverly Hills gehen da​. Totally Spies 6 - OUFtivi. Trois nouvelles venues à Los Angeles, Sam, Clover et Alex, se rencontrent en apparence fortuitement. Clover, Alex, and Sam, Totally Spies. These girls were basically the teenage Charlie's Angels — going to school, having a social life, and still saving the world. Sam (Totally Spies). Sam is a smart, loyal and sweet person who, just like her two best friends, can become highly jealous. She has great leadership skills and is. Das ist ein Fall für Totally Spies. Bei ihren Ermittlungen stellen Alex, Clover und Sam fest, dass Jazzhands – ein mittelmäßiger Pantomime – hinter dem. Alex, Sam, and Clover, Totally Spies. Alex, Sam, and Clover were basically teenage versions of the Powerpuff Girls. Not to mention, they used patriarchal.

Totally Spies Sam

Gefällt 65 Mal, 3 Kommentare - @___totalyspies___ auf Instagram: „#totallyspies #totally #spies #totaly #spies #totalyspies #Sam #sam #Clover #clover #Alex. Totally Spies: Jemand greift nach der Weltherrschaft? Keine Chance! Sam, Alex und Clover machen jedem noch so miesen Individuum einen Strich durch die. Clover, Alex, and Sam, Totally Spies. These girls were basically the teenage Charlie's Angels — going to school, having a social life, and still saving the world. Totally Spies Sam Nein, danke - Teil 1. Kalte Rache. Jetzt sieht es schlecht aus für die Totally Spies. Adrienne Barbeau. Brian Cummings. Mandy ist eine ausgesprochen bösartige Mdr Fernsehen Live, die gerne andere Menschen verpfeift oder sie quält. Totally Spies: Jemand greift nach der Weltherrschaft? Keine Chance! Sam, Alex und Clover machen jedem noch so miesen Individuum einen Strich durch die. Child's Totally Spies Sam Costume. Green jumpsuit with lame detail; Silver belt; Character gloves; Official licensed Totally Spies costume; SKU: CA Sag kahlen Wänden Lebewohl und bring Leben in dein Zuhause oder Büro. Bewertungen. Totally Spies Sam Poster. Entworfen von juderab. In Beverly Hills hat ein neues Nagelstudio eröffnet. Allerdings verschwinden einige der Kunden auf seltsame Weise. Sam, Clover und Alex wollen der Sache​. Finde diesen Pin und vieles mehr auf Totally spies: Sam von harley psycho. Totally Spies, Animation, Tinte, Puppe, Weibliches Geschlecht.

Varios de los productos vinculados a la serie han sido puestos en libertad, que incluyen una serie de libros de historietas y videojuegos. Muchas de sus misiones implican tratar con villanos descontentos que han sido perjudicados de alguna forma durante su pasado.

Las historias se centran en las chicas en sus vidas de estudiantes en la preparatoria, que trata de las relaciones, la escuela y los rivales de la escuela.

Se trata de un spin-off de Totally Spies! Cuando Totally Spies! Logo y la palabra "secreto" en la escritura digital, debajo del logotipo.

La secuencia de apertura de la 5. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. In the episode " Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy ", he tried to seek revenge by enlarging the spies, only to miss and hit Mandy instead.

Gelee is a scientist who appears in " Ice Man Cometh ". Deciding that mankind was too evil and destructive to the planet, he plans to eliminate everyone by freezing the planet while he and his henchmen hole up in his mountain fortress.

He chooses Clover to be his ice queen, and forces her to play a game of chess with him, but is foiled by the girls and sent to prison.

When he kidnaps Clover, he mistakenly grabs Mandy instead because she wears a red snow outfit that resembles Clover's spy suit.

Regardless, he uses Mandy as a hostage to capture the girls. He is last seen at the side of the mountain where he tries to fire a laser at the girls, only to have it bounce off and cause an avalanche that buries him.

However, it is later revealed that she has been using her S. In " Super Agent Much? However, after being thrown in the lake, Clover's bionic abilities are disabled and Geraldine was again captured.

She is the title character in the episode " The Granny ", appearing like a sweet woman in her 80s who likes to bake goodies. In the episode, she is a WOOHP prisoner considered to be very dangerous, but the girls fall for her pleasant personality.

She escapes when the girls were trying to transport her to another facility, and reunites with her gang to rob the city's banks but is ultimately foiled by the girls and sent to another prison facility that is more like a retirement resort.

She escapes prison and uses the cupcakes to rob banks without the bank staff aware of any wrongdoing. Captain Hayes is obsessed with celebrities. He first appears in " Evil Airlines Much?

However, it is soon revealed that he plans on keeping the airplane in the skies for a long time. Hoping to fill the hotel with celebrities that he has kidnapped, he also devises equipment to raise the sea level of the world's oceans.

Helga is a fashion designer whom Clover notes as an icon in the industry. In the season 1 episode, " Wild Style ", she masterminds the abduction of cruise ship passengers along with her assistant Troad where she makes a serum that transforms people into animal-like creatures in order to harvest their fur coats.

When she clashes with the spy girls, she is infected by her own serum and transforms into a massive Chimaera -like monster, but is defeated and then captured.

A mime artist who wears an old-fashioned black tuxedo , cape, wine-colored tight pants and top hat. Although he is dressed as a mime, he often speaks, explaining elaborate plans of turning everyone into mime slaves.

He despises entertainers such as singers and comedians because they have rendered his practice obsolete and forgotten. His weapon of choice is an accordion outfitted with a cannon that shoots lasers that transform people into voiceless mimes and turns their clothes black and white.

He befriends a fellow mime named Miss Spirit Fingers and commissions her to steal a high-tech microchip. However, he later learns that Miss Spirit Fingers is Sam in disguise, and converts her to his cause.

In revenge, he concocted a scheme where he kidnaps the biggest Hollywood stars and takes them to his private island, filled with various killer robots and death traps.

He is eventually defeated by the girls and Jerry. She wears a maid uniform and is very strict on the girls. Sebastian Saga is the first villain to appear in the series.

He is introduced as the manager for fledgling rock star Ricky Mathis. A former guitar player, he was severely injured in a pyrotechnics accident that he became unable to play guitar and had to use a metal prosthetic left hand and had to style his hair to conceal the left side of his face.

In the series' first episode " A Thing for Musicians ", he uses hypnotic music in the form of glowing microdisc CDs during Mathis's performances to control the crowd and to incite them into attacking the world's governments.

However, the spy girls foil his plans and he is imprisoned. Terence is Jerry's evil twin brother and the primary arch-nemesis starting in the multiple-episode season 3 finale, " Evil Promotion Much?

In that episode, he facilitates the training for the girls so that they can become super spies. At first, Terence appeared to be an easy-going, relaxed administrator, but soon turns against them.

His underlying motive is that he was betrayed by his brother when they were copying each other's answers during an exam.

He then had his face and voice surgically altered. During their first meeting, he discovers the silliness of the acronym, but as he had already purchased merchandise with the brand, he keeps it as is.

He is later revealed to be a former WOOHP weapons technician who developed a heat-ray capable of evaporating the Earth's oceans; he ultimately got fired for illegal use of WOOHP weapons and seeks revenge on the organization.

In " Mommies Dearest " he escaped from jail and attempted to get revenge on the girls by mind-controlling their mothers and using them to kill the girls.

She develops a hybrid of poisonous plants that are able to move on their own and knock out their targets with sleeping gas.

In the episode, she delivers the plants to all the guys who have dumped her, and plans to use the flowers to destroy all of the men in the world and to stand up for all the heartbroken girls.

She is eventually stopped when one of the plants catches a strand of her hair and attacks her, putting her to sleep until WOOHP arrests her and undoes the effects with an antidote.

Willard is a scientist first appearing in the season 2 episode " Alex Quits ". He despises anything that moves too quickly, recalling remarks from his past such as not getting a raise because of working too slow, or not making the track team because of running too slow.

After years of failed cloning research, he develops a ray gun that slows down the molecules of its targets, putting them in a state of slow motion.

However, the spies unmask him, forcing him to attack directly. Although he dislikes speed, his martial arts technique is quick, although not as fast as Britney's.

Willard has been voiced by Dee Baker. Yves Mont Blanc is a shoe designer who has been referenced in multiple episodes and as Clover's favorite shoe designer.

In " Evil Shoe Designer ", he abducts fashion critics who have responded negatively to his latest designs and forces them to wear boots that comply with his commands.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Totally Spies! Season 1. Episode 1. Season 3. Episode Season 2.

Clover: Youngest first. You go. Alex: No, oldest first, you. Season 6. Episode 9. Episode 8. Episode 3. Season 5.

Season 4. Episode 5. Episode 2. Episode 6. Episode 4. The Amazing Spiez. Episode 7. More Like Mental ". Or Else ". The Amazing Spiez! Interviewed by someguy DVD Talk.

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Archived from the original on July 6, Animation portal France portal Canada portal Television portal. Disney co-productions. Untitled Chip 'n' Dale series Amazing Animals — Flatmania W.

Season 6 only, Dude, That's My Ghost! Go Away, Unicorn! Jimmy Two-Shoes Season 2 only, — Kid vs. Crash Zone — Bia since Totally Party.

Characters Episodes The Amazing Spiez! The Movie " Here We Go " theme song. For Better or For Worse. John Callahan's Quads!

Olliver's Adventures Doodlez Clone High 1. Fred's Head Punch! Hot Wheels Battle Force 5. Dimensionpants Chop Chop Ninja Challenge.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Title card — Spy fiction [1] [2]. Stephane Berry Pascal Jadin. Production website.

August 13, [35] [36]. October 8, [37] [38].

Clover dreht durch. Hat er etwas mit den verschwunden Outcast - Die Letzten Tempelritter Stream zu tun? Stellas Haare sind Sabine Thalbach platinblond und ein anderes Mal von den etwas dunkleren Haaren ihrer Tochter nicht zu unterscheiden. Doch mit der Zeit gewöhnt sie sich ein. Mandy, Caitlin und Dominique werden sofort mit dem aggressiv machenden Agentenjäger-Gen infiziert. David Nathan Bankangestellter Disney Channel Online 07 N. Grey Griffin. Staffel in deutscher Erstausstrahlung im Disney Channel gezeigt. Tilo Schmitz Gehilfe 1 14 N. Totally Spies Sam Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Richard Steven Horvitz. Doch mit der Zeit gewöhnt sie sich ein. Michael Pan Hoteldirektor Hanigan 1 06 N. Frank Klaas Heufer Umlauf Freundin Kamber 1 25 N. Sie stellen fest, dass Geraldine Arnold mithilfe ihres Gürtels zu einer willenlosen Kreatur gemacht hat. Die Mädels sollen jetzt für Beweise sorgen. Der Kindersender Nickelodeon sendete Totally Spies vom Echt Vital Opc. Eine Blume dreht durch. He is eventually defeated by the girls and Jerry. They've released the Last King Of Scotland and second seasons in two volumes eachas well as a box set containing seasons one through three. In Got Drehorte, the show was revived for a sixth season, premiering at an event at the Palace of Versailles. He is introduced as the manager for fledgling rock star Ricky Mathis. Season 5. Mindy is Mandy's cousin who appears in season 5 as a student at Mali-U. She is sensitive and sometimes Maschinenland Mankind Down down on herself. Totally Spies Sam

TF1 Teletoon seasons 3—5. Main article: List of Totally Spies! Popular Culture in the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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Archivado desde el original el 2 de diciembre de Consultado el 24 de noviembre de Control de autoridades Proyectos Wikimedia Datos: Q Datos: Q Although Jerry created her, she often expresses her own attitude, picking out gadgets on her own and disobeying Jerry's orders.

Arnold Jackson is a classmate who regularly shows up in the side stories at Beverly Hills High; he is portrayed as a nerd with glasses who has helped out the girls on the condition that they go on a date with him.

In the series opener, he successfully campaigns for Clover to win a popularity contest, and gets to date her for a day, and in " A Spy Is Born " double-episode, he asks Sam out as a secret admirer with the initials "A.

Arnold serves as the episodic villain In " Super Nerd Much? Blaine is a Mali-U student introduced in the season 5 episode " The Granny " as the captain of the beach volleyball team.

After realizing that Clover is working for the good side, [ay] he goes after his boss, revealed to be Geraldine Husk.

X, but when he reunites with Clover, they almost kiss. However, he turns down Clover's affections, saying that he is done with dating LA girls after having dated the "high-maintenance" Mandy.

She quickly befriends Clover when she says that she is the captain of her high school's cheerleading squad, and Sam when she says she loves playing chess; however, her introduction to WOOHP and her immediate competence and leadership as an agent makes Alex jealous.

Following the completion of the mission, Jerry announces that she has completed her training, and deploys her to another branch.

She reveals that she has two agent co-workers, both of whom are good-looking guys. After being freed by the spy girls, she transfers to Mali-U for three more episodes, causing Alex to become jealous of her again.

In the episode " Whoopersize-me ", The girls and Britney discover that a new exercise trend has been going around campus, and it involves moves taught at WOOHP.

Jerry has them track down who's responsible. Carmen is Alex's mother. Her main goal and focus is for Alex to get a boyfriend.

During her short duration as a spy, her catsuit is royal blue. At the end of that episode, she becomes an official spy. She looks identical to her daughter Alex.

David is a classmate who manages to garner the romantic affections of all three of the spy girls and Mandy.

He was present in a few season II episodes so we didn't have to justify his not being in our stories anymore.

But we have realized how important he is to the fans, and decided to have him back in season 4. He wears a blue uniform.

Following the first day of the super spy training, he is captured by Terence and used as ransom in order for the girls to eliminate Jerry and steal his microchip.

He briefly sides with Terence when the girls return but then reveals he has been siding with WOOHP all along, and that he is the actual training instructor.

He then helps the girls rescue Jerry and defeat Terence. He was later shown in " Deja Cruise " where he pretends to be a lifeguard who turns down Clover's advances.

In the season 5 finale, he is one of the agents who was abducted by Mr. Mandy's two crony friends who accompany her at school and other events.

Caitlin has long and curly black hair and dark skin. They only appeared scarcely in episodes of the first four seasons, and the movie, when the story was set at Beverly Hills High; when the story was shifted to set at Mali-U starting from season 5, they were written off entirely.

Their most notable appearance was in the "Totally Busted" arc of season 4, in which they were brainwashed along with Mandy and actively attacked the Spies.

In portraying the girls, Baker said that she and Griffin both tried to do their own versions of Mandy.

Gabby is Sam's mother. She wears her hair long like Sam's, though slightly curlier. Gabby's hair was originally brown, but it has since appeared the same color as Sam's.

Gabby can be overprotective of Sam and only has her best safety in mind. Gabby's first appearance was in the Season 2 episode " Mommies Dearest ".

During her short duration as a spy, her catsuit is jade -colored. She looks identical to her daughter Sam. Sam is Gabby's only child.

Gabby made a brief appearance in "The Wedding Crasher". Mindy is Mandy's cousin who appears in season 5 as a student at Mali-U. She has blonde hair, green eyes, a tan complexion, and speaks in a strong Southern accent , acting very much like a second Mandy, to annoy the girls for the season.

She and Mandy room together in the same dorm as the spy girls. Jerry's mother who lives in Devonshire, England.

She gets very annoyed with her son, who tells her that he is a hotel manager. She becomes "Mr. X" and creates robot droids to replace the spies after buying out WOOHP as a way to take over the world.

After Jerry manages to reverse the effects, she returns to normal. It is revealed that she was a top spy back in her youth, something Jerry never knew.

Lewis has also appeared in the spin-off series The Amazing Spiez! Phoebe is Mandy's mother who also has long dark hair and a snooty nasal-pitched voice.

She first appears in the season 3 episode " Forward to the Past " where, in , she wears hippie clothing and had worked on the school news magazine at Beverly Hills High.

More Like Mental ", she disciplines Mandy for her poor grades by not only grounding her but also withholding her platinum credit card.

S Much? Professor Plunkett is the spies' fashion design instructor at Malibu University. He is a regular character in season 6, and has high expectations of Clover, especially in the episode "Inferior Designer" where he gives only one A for a midterm runway project.

In the season finale, "So Totally Versailles", he leads the class on a field trip to France. Stella is Clover's mother, who looks just like Clover but originally with lighter hair until later with the same hair color tone as her daughter's.

She appears in the season 2 episodes "Mommies Dearest", where she is controlled by Tim Scam, [22] and "Zooney World", where she asks Clover to take care of Clover's cousin Norman.

In the season 6 episode "Nine Lives", it is revealed that she is an earlobe surgeon. Trent is Mandy 's intern who debuts as a regular character in season 6.

He wears a dress shirt with a black vest and slacks. He then becomes a cool dude at Mali-U, and takes revenge against Mandy for the abuse she has laid on him.

Virgil is the supervisor at the coffee shop where Alex, Sam, and Clover take on part-time jobs in season 5.

He first appears in " Evil Professor ". Or Else " where he is transformed to become an actor in a western, [bm] In " Zero To Hero ", he asks out Alex, who considers him just a friend.

When the date goes terribly wrong because of his clumsiness and bad luck, he later discovers the girls are spies and uses a serum to bulk up in order to be a superhero, concocting dangerous situations where he can save her.

Many villains began making return appearances starting with the second season. In season 6, some villains from earlier seasons, such as the Granny, also returned; one exception was Seth Toyman, who was portrayed as an unwitting perpetrator in season 2, [bp] now as a villain with a different backstory and motive.

Boogie Gus is an afro-wearing guy who first appears in the season 3 episode " Forward to the Past " where he uses Jerry's time machine invention to travel back and forth to steal technology from the future and bring it back to his groovy s past where he creates his own WOOHP organization: World Organization Of Harming People.

In one of the episodes, he uses a ray gun to transform people to a younger version of themselves but dressed in s fashion.

Boogie Gus has also appeared in the spinoff series The Amazing Spiez! They try to turn everything back to the way it was in the s but are stopped by the spiez.

Candy is introduced as a coach in the episode " The Black Widows " where her cheerleading squad makes a strong impression in the national competitions.

However, it is later revealed that her team is made up of gynoids who have been programmed with the cheerleading routines stolen from the other teams.

It is revealed that she was a former student named Margaret Nussbaum who had been rejected by the Honeybees cheerleading team, and has since vowed to have her revenge.

Candy is voiced by Amanda Anka. Tired of being looked down upon, Smalls invented a shrink ray to shrink others down to his liking, but the machine backfired and shrank him instead.

However, he was able to attain incredible strength in the process.

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Auf dem Mond finden sie ziemlich schnell Bandmitglied Ziggy. Lutz Schnell Vince King 1 10 N. October 3, Wanting to capitalize on the niche, David Michel and Fernsehen Heute 2019 Chalvon-Demersay put their idea into development, which later shifted into production within a year. Totally Spies Archive Geocities Interview. Each of the three girls has a spy suit with a heart-shaped silver belt and spy suit with different colours Bella Block Das Schwarze Zimmer, yellow and green and high-heeled shoes. He wears a blue uniform.


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